Summerheat, Summerheat-Damp, and Summertime Wind-Cold Clearing

Pattern Identification: The heat and damp that occur in may geographical locations during summer combine to become an influential exogenous factor called Summerheat. The pattern of symptoms produced when penetration of summerheat gives rise to a pattern of heat (fever, thirst and agitation, for example) is called Summerheat-Heat. When contraction of summerheat coincides with the complications of damp, the resulting symptom pattern is called Summerheat-Damp.

The exterior-resolving characteristics of these formulas have made them popular when abdominal symptoms of digestate accumulation or damp accompany contraction of exogenous pathogens.

The seasonal nature of summerheat is the primary factor that distinguishes it from pathogens with non-seasonal etiology. However the basic therapeutic approaches to seasonal and non-seasonal disorders due to thermia and damp are similar: clear heat, and when necessary, drain daamp.

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan (Inspirex Extract or Regulate Formula) has the ability to simultaneously transform damp and resolve the exterior. The emphasis of this formula is on damp abduction; its specific guiding symptom is diarrhea.

Kang Ning Wan (Curing) is indicated when the combination of abdominal symptoms, headache and body ache accompany penetration of wind-cold pathogens during the summertime.

Ren Dan addresses conditions of greater heat and fire toxicity apt to occur dureing the summer such as sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

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