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TCM Cold Solution
It's that season again. You may have seen the AirborneŽ cold remedy. You may not know that the remedy is derived from the TCM formula YIN CHIAO CHIEH TU PIEN, which is more potent yet sold at a fraction of the price. However AirborneŽ is not suitable for a continuous use. A long term solution lies on JADE SHIELD DECOCTION (YU PING FENG SAN).

BeautiLeaf - Chinese Herbal Tea & Herbal Extract for Your Health

Fit Over 40 - Amazing Inspirational Anti-aging, Health And Weight Loss E-book For The Over 40 Crowd

Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified! - Alkaline Ph Diet Home Study Course

12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox that will walk you through the process of a complete body detox, creating superior health that will bring you energy and youthful vitality

Real People Dont Diet! - Dieting Is Deprivation And It Just Doesnt Work For Long-term Weight Loss

Autumn and Winter Care

Our product line taps into the wealth of time-tested formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and practice, treatment of diseases and illness always comes second to the general well being of the people. We utilize natural resources to manufacture TCM products which are safe and accurate to use for improving health and doing no harm to human body. These supplements provide a natural alternative remedy to different conditions.

We have total faith in the effectiveness of these classic herbal medicine formulas and the working theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine behind them. Because our products have been popular among acupuncturists, oriental herbal medicine practitioners and ordinary consumers of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine ever since we first introduced them to the US market.

In keeping with our commitment to superior quality, we make every effort to work only with GMP certified manufacturers that adhere to the highest standard and strictest regulations. We make certain that finest herbs are used with accurate proportions according to the traditional Chinese medicine formulas and the manufacturing didn’t deviate from the authentic yet scientific drafting process. It is our ultimate goal to actually give our customers the effects they are looking for in a safe and all-natural way. Therefore we will never compromise the integrity and authenticity and give marketing trends and packaging fashions any chance to affect our result-oriented practices.

Our TCM products are in full compliance with the US FDA, USDA and US Customs rules and regulations. You can always count on Kingsway to provide you with the most effective products in the health and wellness industry.

Statements made on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor have they been evaluated by the USFDA or other regulatory bodies. Always consult a medical professional before taking any form of medication or adopting a specific exercise regimen.



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